Tue. 31 October '23 - Sportpaleis Antwerp
Tickets Info

Tickets Info

All tickets include:

Free use of toilets
Free use of public transport 'De Lijn' within Antwerp
Minimum age is 18 year old!

Regular tickets

• First Wave 1: € 34,99 + €4 Fee
• Second Wave 2: € 36,99 + €4 Fee
• Third Wave 3: € 38,99 + € 4 Fee

Friends Tickets

A ticket for 4 friends is +-10% cheaper than 4 separate tickets

• Friends Ticket (4 Tickets) - First Wave : € 132 + €10 Fee
• Friends Ticket (4 Tickets) - Second Wave €138 + €10 Fee
• Friends Ticket (4 Tickets) - Third Wave €146 + €10 Fee

VIP tickets:

Coco Loco VIP experience : € 65,5 + €4 Fee

• Access to the Cocô VIP Deck
• Separate VIP Entrance with reception desk with hostess
• VIP Bar with wide selection of drinks
• VIP Toilets
• VIP Parking

***If you want a VIP table or VIP box, you can find the information below.

Vip Tables & Boxes

Vip Tables & Boxes

We will let you Experience Cocô Locô in the most comfortable way possible, Our VIP-experience team will take care of you!


• VIP Tables & boxes
Bottle Service- Separate VIP Entrance
• Bottle of Champagne/ spirit is include
• Tasty Fingerfood sharing plate
• VIP lockers & toilet
• VIP reception desk
• VIP welcome desk & Hostess service
• VIP Photowall with photographer
• A wide selection of spirits, soft drinks, cava, wine, beer
• Acces to the Cocô VIP Deck

Starting from €400 (including entrance for 4 people, it's possible to buy additional VIP Entrance-tickets)

Please get in touch with VIP @ cocoloco-festival.be



Book your make-up artist here:

Experience Cocô Locô as a Dias De Los Muertos model!

• You will be completely transformed by our talented team of make-up professionals
• Professional Make - Up Team is ready to transform you into a Dias De Los Muertos model!
• For men and women!

Pre-register now : Click HERE

Customer Service


For questions please visit the helpdesk at Be-at tickets helpdesk


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